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We’re transforming how shoppers interact with brands

We love a good bargain as much as anyone but grew tired of outdated paper coupons for stuff we didn’t need. That’s why we launched GreenJinn in 2016: a free cashback app for personalised offers on groceries you actually want. We’re a young company and have made huge strides getting Britain saving, using artificial intelligence to tailor coupons for everyone whether they’re vegan, gluten-free or just prefer healthy wholesome snacks.

– Founders Giuseppe Licari & Roberto Amerighi

GreenJinn Team

Giuseppe Licari
CEO & co-founder

Roberto Amerighi
CFO & co-founder

Luca Palmieri

Ridwan Ibrahim
VP of Growth

Ned Hasovic

Łukasz Micek
Back end wizard

Joe Caccavale
Content Marketer

Ilaria Licari
Campaign Marketer

Anna Coates
Social Marketing Executive

Domenico Casale
Ads Executive

Youcef Sedaoui
Marketing & Design Executive

We’re data-driven, AI-powered and talent hungry.