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GreenJinn Expands Offering On Amazon To Support SME Sales And Stock During COVID-19 Crisis

  • GreenJinn launches Amazon on its platform, allowing brands to promote directly to shoppers on more channels, giving a greater opportunity of sales and a direct handle on stock holding
  • The platform will also shortly allow brands’ e-commerce sites to promote directly into the app, encouraging shoppers to support independent brands during a time of uncertainty with traditional supermarkets

Cashback app service GreenJinn has made overnight rapid changes to its service to support brands, particularly independent brands during the COVID-19 crisis. In response to huge stock shortages in traditional supermarkets, the abrupt closure of foodservice channels, and previously unseen virtual online queues, GreenJinn took action to open more sales channels to allow brands to continue to market and sell their products and repurpose their sitting stock

Many independent brands already sell directly from their own e-commerce platforms, and via Amazon, but to date have heavily relied on their in-store presence in the large supermarket chains such as Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda and Morrisons. The need to drive traffic to online has historically been less important than in-store presence, distribution and promotions.

That has all changed during the COVID-19 pandemic where all norms have been challenged. Brands have seen supermarkets press pause on in-store promotions and further stock orders whilst they focus on key essentials. They have also seen supermarkets’ online sites temporarily switched off in an effort to keep up with shopper demand. This has put many independent brands who relied on the “big four”, or focussed on selling B2B via restaurants, pubs and hotels, under a huge amount of pressure.


Some brands have reported a loss in sales as much as 85% in just a week, as key channels close the door on them.  Some brands frantically look to repurpose their stock from B2B into B2C, whilst others supplying the catering and event industry have even seen the return of their stock.

In the spirit of support and with online grocery sales peaking in the last weeks by 100%¹, GreenJinn’s team worked around the clock to launch Amazon onto their platform. The team will also shortly integrate brands’ own e-commerce channels into the app. This will allow independent brands to be centre stage in front of 400,000 British families using the app, allowing the discovery of alternative channels to source food in an effective way by complying with social distancing measures. GreenJinn shoppers are being encouraged to make a difference and buy from small independent brands to support local businesses that are bravely facing this unprecedented crisis, #buysmallhelpbig.

Introducing Amazon on the GreenJinn app

“Despite these testing times, the comradeship within the independent brand community and the speed and agility of a startup really come into their own. It’s brave to invest and tweak a business model in uncertain times, but potentially more foolish to continue functioning in the usual manner, in an unusual situation. We pride ourselves on listening to our users, both consumers and brands, and decided to act fast, responding to their needs. What can be seen as a reactive strategy to a current emergency may turn out to be a hit in strengthening the direct relationship between shoppers and brands” – Rob Amerighi and Giuseppe Licari, Co-Founders of GreenJinn

About GreenJinn:

GreenJinn, founded in 2017, is an app that provides personalised cashback coupons on everyday groceries. GreenJinn believes that everybody should be able to afford good quality products and nutritious food. Their userbase is 400K strong, with 26% of their shoppers self selecting as vegan or vegetarian. GreenJinn works across Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Ocado, Co-op and more.

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