GreenJinn’s Crowdfunding Complete: 111% Overfunded!

Crowdfunding Goes into Overfunding

We did it! After an intense period, we finally closed our crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube, in dramatic fashion. In the last 72hours of our campaign we had an influx of large investments, raising a total of £670,590… 111% of our original £600k target!

Our campaign was extended along the way, this was due to ongoing negotiations with multiple investors. We think it definitely paid off! We’re super grateful to all 267 of our Green-vestors, we received investments of all sizes, from £10 to £120,000!

Missed our campaign? Take a look at our video where we explain everything. Although it’s now closed, you can still let us know if you’d be up for another crowdfunding round via our CROWDCUBE PAGE.

If you pledged your investment: Crowdcube will send you an email asking you to confirm your investment, once all the paperwork and boring stuff is out of the way. The email may take a few days up to a couple of weeks to get to you. Don’t worry, this is because there’s some standard legal bits and bobs that need sorting out before they can proceed.

We haven’t been raising just to get a better white board and espresso machine, we can assure you that the funds raised will be put to good use. The money will enable us to keep on adding more shops and brands (just like we did for Tesco), improve the personalisation on the app as well as grow the GreenJinn Team. The success of our crowdfunding campaign means that we’ll now be able to improve the app AND our service. So, watch this space… because we’ve got more big things to come 👀

It wasn’t just us that made noise about our crowdfunding campaign, we were also featured in several online magazines/ newspapers in both the UK and Italy. Be sure to take a look if you’re curious about what our campaign was all about, they sum it up quite nicely 😊

GreenJinn Crowdfunding Press Coverage
GreenJinn in the News 📰
A few online magazines in both the UK and Italy have written about us and our campaign recently, here’s a quick breakdown of the details:
🇬🇧  STARTACUS wrote a summary of our campaign
🇬🇧  CROWDFUND INSIDER published an article about our campaign just before it ended
🇮🇹  IL GIORNO wrote about GreenJinn’s Coupon Revolution
🇮🇹  GAZZETTINO reporter Andrea Guerra gave his view about GreenJinn (see page 3)
🇮🇹  MI TOMORROW made a brief overview of what we’re about and where we’re heading

We’d like to say a heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who supported our crowdfunding campaign… you rock 🤘. We’ve always tried our best to keep our community involved in everything we do, so the success of our campaign really means a lot to us. You’ve done your bit, so now its time for us to do ours! We’ll be working hard to keep up our end of the deal and make GreenJinn the best cashback app around.

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