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How it works

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1. Set preferences to get personalised supermarket coupons

Start by defining your favourite kinds of products, so the Jinn can learn about your tastes. Once a week the Jinn will send you a new, personalised selection of coupons,  made specifically for you.

2. Go shopping to buy your products

When you go to the supermarket, select coupons and buy the products you like. Remember to take the receipt with you, because you’ll need a proof of purchase in order to claim your cashback.

3. Snap a picture of a receipt and get cashback

Finally, snap and send a photo of your receipt just with one tap. Afterwards, you can claim cashback for products which you’ve bought. As a result, you’ll receive money on your PayPal or bank account. 

Our Team

Giuseppe Licari

CEO & co-founder

Roberto Amerighi

CFO & co-founder

Agnieszka Krawczyk

Customer Engagement Designer

Sebastiano Bazzano


Łukasz Micek

Wizard of Backend

Marcin Kapelko

Mobile Apps Architect

Joseph Caccavale 

Customer Support & Content Ninja

Serena Ionta 

Marketing & Social Media Maestro

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