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Save money, shop smarter!

Start saving £100+ monthly with GreenJinn cashback app! Download the app to receive coupons personalised to your needs and get inspired to live healthier. Available for Sainsbury’s and Waitrose (more shops coming soon).

Good quality made affordable

Easy cashback across supermarkets

Save £100+ monthly across UK supermarkets. Get cashback for groceries straight to your PayPal or bank account, with few taps on your smartphone!

Coupons personalised to your needs

Save time on deal hunting. Tell the Genie your preferences and keep using the app, so he can learn and give you coupons on products you’ll love. 


Selection of good quality products

We avoid giving you coupons on highly processed products and junk food. We care about your health, wellbeing and the environment.

How it works

1. Set preferences to get personalised coupons


Start by defining your favourite kinds of products, so the Jinn can learn about your tastes. Once a week the Jinn will send you a new, personalised selection of supermarket coupons,  tailored specifically for you.

2. Go shopping to buy your products


When you go to the supermarket, select coupons and buy the products you like. Remember to take the receipt with you, because you’ll need a proof of purchase in order to claim your cashback.

3. Snap a picture of a receipt and get cashback

Get cashback

Finally, snap and send a photo of your receipt just with one tap. Afterwards, you can claim cashback for products which you’ve bought. As a result, you’ll receive money on your PayPal or bank account.

What users say…

“My friend showed me your app and it looks great, will be so nice to have an app like this with food I actually buy :)”
Tanya J.
“I am enjoying it, its a really nice app and even better than a few similar apps that have been running for a lot longer. Easy to use, clear info and fast cash back.”
Adam R.
“I thought the idea was great, and the products are actually items that people use rather than the usual items that rarely feature on a shopping list.”
Sarah T.
“Fantastic App, just saved £21.30 off my shopping at Sainsbury’s with GreenJinn, will definitely be using again.”
Julie W.
“I’ve been using it for 2 weeks now and have found that they have more useful everyday items. I’ve bought meat and veg with it. Would recommend ? “
Deborah O.
“Quick and easy app to use. Money to be saved on various groceries including fresh fruit, veg and meat. Money claimed back is paid super fast, and customer support is very helpful to sort out any problems. Highly Recommend.”
Alpinehorn, 5 star iTunes review