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GreenJinn enables brands to drive awareness & trial

We are a group of passionate foodies who connect great brands and products with people. We do this in two ways:

  1. On App -> An engaged community of 1M users
  2. Treasure -> Increase engagement and conversion on your media

GreenJinn App

Our engaged community want to discover new brands and products.

  • Geographically spread in line with UK population
  • Over-index in health & wellness consumers
  • Ability to personalise and segment coupons
  • Campaigns can run in any retailer


It has always been tricky to convert from media directly into physical sales. Now it’s possible:

  • Bolt on tangible coupons to media
  • Drive increased engagement and conversion
  • Compatible with any media on/offline
  • View conversion funnel of media
  • Compare campaigns in real time

Insights in realtime


Understand your consumer quickly
Who is buying your product and where are they picking it up? See demographic and redemption data in real time with our dashboard.

    Shopper, Retailer & Category Data
Build an understanding of the shopper profile, how they vary by retailer and your performance in your category.

     Retargeting to build loyalty
We help brands build meaningful loyalty with consumers by retargeting with shallower discounts, NPD or retailer launches

How GreenJinn works

1. Set up campaign

Customise your budget and target your desired audience

2. Measure & Learn

Obtain deep insights on campaign effectiveness and consumer behaviour

3. Boost sales

Leverage actionable insights to optimise your next campaign and boost sales

1. Shop

Select coupons & shop in-store or online

2. Snap

Snap your receipt on GreenJinn

3. Save

Cashback to your Paypal or bank account

Give your brand the exposure it deserves with GreenJinn

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What brands say about us

Rob Dawson
Rob DawsonRetail Lead (TRIBE)

As part of a limited trial with Sainsbury’s, we needed to drive sales to 7 stores across the entire UK. GreenJinn allowed us to drive measurable sales to a very specific cluster of users that would have been hard to reach with traditional digital marketing.

Additionally through the use of their platform we were able to drive product loyalty, with repurchase rates of over 40% during the course of this campaign. Ultimately the success in this trial helped us secure a much wider listing with Sainsbury’s.

Alena Linhartová
Alena LinhartováHead BABE UK (AB InBev)

For brands like Babe launched over the past year, introducing new products to consumers has been particularly challenging. Finding innovative ways to allow consumer to sample our canned wine has been critical in our journey.

It’s proven very effective for driving trial of a new product in an emerging category in a contactless and user-friendly way. We are already working on ideas where we can incorporate this tool in other marketing activities we have planned for Babe.